Backing great Australian start-ups is in our DNA. We are a team of investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders with a passion for building businesses – and we’ve been successful in doing so.

To date, Aura Group has been an integral part of the success stories of a number of local start-ups from a variety of sectors. These include Catapult Sports (global leader in wearable analytics), Finsure (Australia’s fastest growing mortgage aggregator) and InStitchu (Australia’s leading online provider of tailored menswear).

Our search for the next, great Australian company will be pursued through our new Fund – the Aura Venture Fund.

“Launching the Aura Venture Fund was the natural next step of progression for Aura Group in regards to our Venture Capital offering. We have been helping build great Australian businesses for quite some time and the Aura Venture Fund under an ESVCLP structure offers our investors very attractive tax incentives to make investments in innovation.”

Calvin Ng, General Partner of the Aura Venture Fund and Managing Director of Aura Group


The Aura Venture Fund is an Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership (ESVCLP) dedicated to investing in growth and expansion stage businesses in Australia.

Harnessing the collective experience of a team of investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders, the Aura Venture Fund has set out to be the leader of Venture Capital in Australia.

Aura Venture Fund’s recognition from the Australian Government as an ESVCLP means that all Fund returns (both on capital and revenue account) are tax free now that the fund is unconditionally registered.

Our unique access to high-quality opportunities, proven investment strategy and distribution networks through a diverse eco-system of affiliate companies has enabled us to build a long track record of early stage investment outperformance.

The Aura Venture Fund currently has positions in 4 companies from a diverse range of industries with several investment opportunities in varying stages of due diligence.

Aura’s portfolio of assets includes 22 currently held investments with 8 full or partial exits – the average return within the portfolio is 690% with an average holding period of 3 years.



Strategy within the Aura Venture Fund revolves around the application of the Aura Investment Doctrine.

The Aura Investment Doctrine has been shaped through the years of experience we have in this asset class; both as founders and investors. It is a widely referenced document within our firm and has become our philosophy for the Venture Capital landscape.

This Doctrine outlines key criteria that must be observed when identifying new opportunities and includes:

  • Engaging with a proven concept;
  • Identification of positive thematics;
  • Deep assessment of the business environment;
  • Ensuring a clear path to profitability; and
  • Partnering with a strong management team

If a company does not possess all of these characteristics – we simply will not invest.

In addition to this, we believe that by utilising our rich eco-system of portfolio assets – we are giving ourselves the best opportunity to add real value to a target company. Some people call it nepotism, we call it an unfair advantage.

And unlike a large number of Venture Capital firms, we generally only invest at the growth and expansion stages of the funding cycle. We believe this gives every portfolio company the best chance of succeeding through the opening up of debt and hybrid funding markets and strategic M&A opportunities.



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