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Aura International & Cross Border Services.


Providing specialist international services to high net worth individuals, families and family offices, our team is committed to working closely to provide you with expert advice and realistic choices.

With great wealth, comes great freedom - and even greater complexity. The same freedom that can afford the modern professional or family access to unique opportunities can also often significantly complicate its affairs, particularly where family members and assets are located around the world. An individual or family’s international strategy must be both dynamic and sophisticated, customised to the individual lifestyle and the varied personal, cultural and fiscal needs of each person or family member.

Our dedicated team is comprised of highly skilled professionals with experience across a range of relevant disciplines who are committed to working closely with you to provide expert advice and realistic choices. We have expertise with respect to a number of services and arrangements, ensuring that you or your family are optimally structured and professionally managed.


our services

  • Global Wealth Management

  • Superannuation / Pensions

  • Cross border / International Taxation & Structuring

  • Global Estate Planning

  • Fiduciary Services

  • Expatriate / Foreign National Programmes

  • Permanent Resident (Aust. & Singapore) Programmes


Global Wealth Management

We uniquely specialise in cross border investments and multi-jurisdictional solutions.  At Aura our cross-border specialists develop and implement tax efficient investment and global wealth strategies unique to cross border professionals and family groups.  Whether you’re looking to retire overseas or repatriate to your home country, our team seamlessly manages your wealth and financial affairs into retirement. We offer investment vehicles and multi-currency options to follow you wherever life takes you.  


International Superannuation / Pension Solutions

Strategically align your overseas pension with your superannuation / retirement plan and local estate planning objectives.  The Aura team provides analysis, and optimise your existing pension / superannuation arrangements, custom-tailored to your personal circumstances.  Depending on where your pension / superannuation is domiciled, you may have the option to consolidate and manage those assets from Australia, Singapore or elsewhere.


Cross Border Tax & Estate Planning

Using the Aura team or network of professionals, we help you confidently navigate the complex landscape of cross border taxation. International estate and tax lawyers review and monitor overseas based assets, ensuring your wealth is protected for you and your future generations. Meanwhile, specialised tax professionals will provide you with personalised guidance, advising you on the suitability and tax efficiency of your financial and investment decisions.


Fiduciary Services

At Aura we look at your needs and establish the right structures and administer them, acting as trustees and directors for multi-jurisdictional companies, trusts, and other structures including private trust companies. As an adviser and or officeholder, we work in partnership with you and or family, developing a deep understanding of your particular priorities and drivers and provide you with a source of comprehensive, confidential and truly independent advice. We see ourselves as the shield rather than the sword in protecting your wealth and assets.


Expatriates & Foreign National Programmes.


Expatriates in Australia & Singapore

As an expatriate in Australia, managing your financial, accounting and wealth affairs can be very complicated. In fact, handling your finances across any international border can quickly become enormously complex. This applies both in Australia and abroad. Foreign currency fluctuations and estate planning gaps can have a potentially adverse impact on your wealth. Aura can help you navigate unfamiliar territory in a way that’s smart, informed and designed to positively impact your financial and investment affairs. No matter your next port-of-call or how many times you move, we'll help you manage your wealth and financial affairs in line with your overall set of financial goals.


Foreign Nationals

We provide financial services & investment management in Australia / Singapore and regionally for Foreign Nationals. At Aura, we can help you understand the logistics of investing in markets, then develop a plan to help minimise risks and taxes, maintain your privacy, and meet your current and long-term financial goals.


Australians Overseas

Australians overseas face unique financial challenges with potentially costly mistakes. Whether you’re working or retiring abroad, returning to Australia, or need greater flexibility in your long-term plans, we have access to cross boarder specialists to support you. Aura has the experience to help you succeed abroad and at home. We offer individualised financial, compliance and wealth management solutions, building on globally diversified investment portfolios that have strong emphasis on tax efficiency, costs and risk management. We save you time and provide peace of mind, freeing you to focus on what’s most important to you.


Mis-sold Expatriates

Given the unfortunate state of the offshore financial services industry, it is not uncommon for individuals and families to be misled, ill-advised and mis-sold financial services and investment products. It happens all too often and can be difficult to recover. At Aura, we specialise in managing these situations in the best way possible given the circumstances.


Australian & Singapore Residence Programmes.


At Aura we look at your residency needs and establish the right approach based on your goals. Our team and third-party professionals ensure all technical and logistics are aligned and relevant to your needs.


1. Australia

The Australian visa application process is very structured and based on laws, regulations, policy and legislative instruments. Application processing time frames differ significantly by visa type. The Department of Immigration has a priority processing tier, under which visa applications which yield the greatest benefit to Australia (skilled visas) will be assessed quicker than those with less benefit (family visas).


Business Innovation & Investment Programs

There are four visa options under the Business Innovation and Investment Program and two under the Business Talent Program.

  • The Business Innovation Visa — individuals must pass a points test, have a successful business career with a business turnover of at least AUD $500,000 and net assets of AUD $800,000. They must obtain and maintain substantial ownership and management of an Australian business

  • The Investor Visa — individuals must pass a points test, have three years’ investment experience, commit AUD 1.5 million into an Australian state or territory bond for four years and have net assets of AUD 2.25 million.

  • The Significant Investor Visa (SIV) — individuals must commit at least AUD 5 million into a complying Australian investment for at least four years.

  • The Entrepreneur Visa — individuals must have signed a formal agreement to receive AUD 200,000 in venture capital funding from an Australian company, for the commercialisation and/or development of a high-value business idea or product.

Note: The above temporary visas offer a direct pathway to permanent residence after four years, subject to meeting certain residence and investment/business turnover requirements.


Business Talent Programs

  • The Business Talent (Significant Business History Stream) — this visa is for successful business people who own or part-own a business with a turnover of at least AUD 3 million per year. Individuals must have a successful business career and have net assets of AUD 1.5 million. They must make a substantial contribution to a new or established business in Australia and take an active role in managing the business

  • The Business Talent (Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream) — individuals must have sourced AUD 1 million in venture capital funding in Australia to fund the start-up or product commercialisation of a high-value business idea, and must establish (or participate in) that business

Note: The above two streams offer direct permanent residence and applicants must quickly become involved in the relevant business.


2. Singapore

There are defined categories of foreigners who are eligible to apply for permanent residence. These include:

  • Investors and Entrepreneurs under the Global Investor Program (GIP)

  • Employment Pass Holders under the Professional, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme (PTS)

The Global Investor Program (GIP) is specifically for entrepreneurs or investors interested in making substantial financial investments in Singapore and is designed to attract wealthy foreign entrepreneurs and investors who wish to make Singapore their home.

Foreigners interested in working and living in Singapore may apply for in principle approval for a residence permit by submitting an application before entering Singapore, provided the individual satisfies the specific criteria. The advantage of obtaining permanent residence status is that a person is entitled to live and work in Singapore for at least five years.

A person holding an Employment Pass in Singapore may submit an application for permanent residence to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) after two years of employment and residence within Singapore. This is a very popular route for professional and highly skilled individuals, as no substantial investment is required to obtain these passes. Once permanent residence is obtained, the applicant no longer requires an Employment Pass, thereby giving the applicant more flexibility in his/her employment options.

Under the PTS, an applicant may include their spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age in the permanent residence application.


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