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Aura Ventures — Sabrina Zeng, Corporate Development Manager

Sabrina Zeng

Sabrina Zeng, Corporate Development Manager

Sabrina is the Corporate Development Manager at Aura Ventures.

Sabrina Zeng is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in economic research, banking, and innovation. Her career began with conducting economic field research in global markets, followed by advising enterprise banking executives and leading operations teams in both public and private sectors. This foundation in corporate banking provided her with a robust understanding of financial systems and strategic management. 

After five years in corporate banking, she moved to the Nordic region, where she served as Chief Product Officer for a social impact startup. She also worked as a GTM specialist with government-backed venture studios in Norway, helping early-stage companies develop and execute their market strategies. 

Upon returning to Australia, Sabrina took on the role of Head of Ecosystem at Fishburners, the country's largest and longest-standing tech startup community. Here, she led strategic partnerships, fundraising, and development efforts, driving tech-enabled innovation and supporting the growth of the startup ecosystem. 

In addition to her professional roles, Sabrina is a part-time Lecturer at UNSW Business School. She focuses on grassroots efforts to cultivate innovation and research commercialization within the university environment. 

Sabrina holds a combined Bachelor's Degree in Business Information Systems, Philosophy, and Anthropology.