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Aura Wealth offers individuals and families a modern and more personal alternative to traditional wealth firms with access to a rich ecosystem of ideas, solutions, and sophisticated talent.

We are independent thinkers, managing complex wealth in Aura’s culture of integrity – and focused on delivering real results across the following disciplines.



  • Global Investment Management

  • Strategic Wealth Planning

  • Family Office / Aura Black Services

  • Impact & Private Investments



At Aura there are no pre-packaged solutions: your unique lifestyle, family, business and legacy considerations shape our approach. We start with a conversation.

We establish your goals and your appetite for risk and determine how to maximise your chances of success, on your terms.



There are as many questions / answers as there are individuals.

How secure is your income? What is your tolerance for risk? Do you have other constraints, such as a concentrated asset position or a closely held business? Are you planning to sell or transfer ownership of your business or other assets? Is your family experiencing change? Do you have global interests? Do you need to protect or manage assets in a trust, or to deepen your or your family’s financial knowledge? What are your aspirations, for yourself, and for the people you care for?

We continue our conversation with you and or your family. Your circumstances are always changing. So too are the opportunities and risks associated with the economic, monetary and international environment. It is our job to marry the two, so that our relationship with you and our best thinking informs our efforts to meet or exceed your financial and investment goals. Our goal is to earn and sustain your trust.


Integrated Wealth Management

Our distinctive approach integrates global investment management, strategic wealth planning and family office services to maximise the chance that you will reach or exceed your objectives across your personal, family, business and philanthropic life.

Our open and transparent architecture allows you the opportunity to invest in active /passive solutions and public / private vehicles. We can optimise asset allocation decisions based on your goals, not simply market benchmarks. We have a range of solutions and trusted partners in the industry that enable a tailored set of solutions to serve your goals and aspirations.


Private & Impact Investments

At Aura, we believe private and impact investments have been and will continue to be a critical driver of socially responsible investing and wealth creation. As such we have leveraged our experience by creating sophisticated ways to bring you access to institutional quality private market opportunities.

We use our extensive experience in private investing to source opportunities through our Aura Ecosystem. We find sophisticated investment opportunities in private companies and assets, to provide you with strategic and efficient access to the private marketplace. This provides you with the opportunity to achieve your desired rates of return, greater diversification, and socially responsible objectives.



Aura Wealth’s diverse offering includes an External Asset Management platform (EAM) for Private Bankers/Wealth Managers in the APAC region. Aura EAM helps wealth professionals by providing back office support, investment ideas and research to allow them to work more effectively by focusing on client relationships.

Aura EAM also allows wealth managers to tap into our deals pipeline and numerous counterparty relationships (banks, brokers, lawyers, etc.) worldwide. Together with cross-border advisory and legal services, Aura EAM sets the standard for effective wealth management both for professionals and their clients.


Andrew Coloretti

Head of Wealth Management: Australia

D: +61 2 9199 8890



Tong Hoe Sng

Head of Wealth Management: Asia

D: +65 9681 8368



Rahul Dubey

Business Development Manager

D: +65 9641 0070



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