Aura Brand Refresh – To Build Trust That Lasts for Generations

Over the past 12 months you may have noticed the Aura Group brand has been evolving.



Over the past 12 months you may have noticed the Aura Group brand has been evolving.

We started this journey because although the old branding had served us well in the last 12 years, Aura Group has grown, and our business and client base has evolved. We wanted a brand refresh that was in line with our dynamic business and clients, and aimed for a simple, clean, and fresh look that aligns with our core business in the Alternative Investments space.

brand colour palette changes

The brand colours have migrated from a burgundy red and shades of grey to navy blue and a pop of teal. While we have changed the logo font, the abacus is still the focal point of our logo. It has stayed an integral part of our brand as it still represents our business and the measured way in which we approach investing.

old versus new logo

Even though we look a little different and are starting this new chapter, rest assured, our core values and purpose have not changed. We are committed to helping entrepreneurs, families, individuals and institutions build their wealth over generations. 

We’re not just changing on the outside, our technology is growing smarter and faster every day, with the aim to be more efficient and better serve and provide value and intelligent data to our clients. 

We’re laying the foundations for our digital transformation. It’s currently behind the scenes, however, we look forward to sharing a new platform with you later this year and hearing how we can continue to evolve it. We’re on a mission to deliver a more delightful experience for our clients from providing streamlined onboarding, investment dashboards with better ease of access to our investment menu and unique content.

With our brand refresh, digital transformation, and core focus on the alternatives investments category, this marks a meaningful and positive milestone for our business as it sets up for its next phase of growth.

If you haven’t seen our brand refresh, we invite you to take a look around our site and share your thoughts.

Aura Group subsidiaries issuing this information include Aura Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Registration No. 201537140R) which is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore as a holder of a Capital Markets Services Licence, and Aura Capital Pty Ltd (ACN 143 700 887) Australian Financial Services Licence 366230 holder in Australia.

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