Aura Ventures Partners with Haymarket HQ and Neon Playground for Web3 Event

Held on the 16th of November, the event followed major changes in the crypto market, with FTX filing for bankruptcy in the U.S. and crypto prices falling



Earlier this month, Aura Ventures joined forces with Haymarket HQ and Neon Playground for the panel What Opportunities Come After this Crypto Winter?

Held on the 16th of November, the event followed major changes in the crypto market, with FTX filing for bankruptcy in the U.S. and crypto prices falling. Panellists Sean Stuart, Investment Analyst at Aura Ventures, Alyse Sue, Director of Metaverse at KPMG and Co-Founder of FutrDAO, and John O’Loghlen, Country Director at Coinbase focused on key lessons from the freeze.

“In many ways, going forward, it will be good to shift to more board seats, more structure, and just kind of like a normal early-stage investment in any other space,” Stuart said, reflecting on failures in the industry to enact proper due diligence.

He noted that venture capital firms don’t necessarily need to take board seats in every circumstance, but overall “the key thing is the regulation and the governance … which in much of the crypto space there is no governance.”

Panellists also touched on exciting opportunities in the space, including the use of smart contracts.

“What I see that is kind of hot but doesn’t really excite me is gaming,” Sue explained. “I think there’s still a lot of room for growth and a lot of interest there, though it is quite inelastic in terms of demand, regardless of the economy.”

We will be sharing videos from the event via LinkedIn, so be sure to give the Aura Group page a follow if you haven’t already.

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