Revolutionary Digital Commodities Platform xbullion Launches Capital Raise

Buying, selling and storing physical gold has been made faster and easier with the launch of gold bullion technology solution xbullion



Buying, selling and storing physical gold—which has pushed through record prices—has been made faster and easier with the launch of gold bullion technology solution xbullion across the Asia-Pacific.

xbullion offers a global settlement layer for gold bullion that gives participants direct ownership of physical 9999/LBMA-accredited gold from world-renowned suppliers, at near-spot prices and without ongoing custody fees. Gold is supplied to xbullion via some of the world's largest over-the-counter desks and traded on digital asset exchanges, with bullion recorded via serial number.


  • Gold ownership is now faster and easier with the launch of gold bullion technology solution xbullion.

  • xbullion has launched on exchanges in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia

  • xbullion gives holders direct ownership of 9999/LBMA-accredited gold from world-renowned suppliers, providing access to near-spot prices. 

  • xbullion Tokens are redeemable at any time for cash, or physical gold bullion delivered by a global insured courier network. 

  • xbullion are conducting a capital raising for up to US$3.5m at a pre-money valuation of ~US$10m before expanding into other precious metals.

xbullion Tokens are redeemable at any time for cash or physical gold, subject to a 1kg minimum delivered by an insured global courier network. Users will receive best-in-class transparency of their investment via comprehensive audit from leading global accountancy firm BDO. 

“In an environment of expansionary money supply, logistics challenges and increased demand for physical gold, xbullion is the ideal mechanism to invest securely in physical gold bullion,” said Mr Lightfoot, CEO of xbullion. “xbullion brings together best-in-class auditing, suppliers, insurance and technology to provide 24/7/365 instant global settlement for physical gold bullion that easily integrates with existing platforms.”

xbullion digital gold (GOLD) is issued by xbullion Holdings, which is owned by Bullion Asset Management Services Pte Ltd (Singapore), and represents direct ownership in physical gold held at vaults in London, Singapore and Sydney. The group are conducting a final capital raising for up to US$3.5m at a pre-money valuation of ~US$10m before expanding into other precious metals.

xbullion is built to integrate into existing solutions, providing access to competitive pricing and market depth for physical bullion. It is also market and currency agnostic, which gives participants freedom around where, when and how their physical gold bullion is transferred on a secure network. Granting the ability to transfer ownership without the need for a financial intermediary. 

Purchasers of ETFs do not own the underlying gold bullion and can experience significant fluctuating premiums above spot price.

xbullion allows traditional ETF investors to directly own their gold bullion while trading at a level closely tracking the spot price . As such, xbullion allows for direct gold ownership without sacrificing liquidity or market depth.

“For investment portfolios and long-term gold holders, xbullion provides the benefits of pricing, supply, transparency, security, auditing, logistics and liquidity,” said Mr Lightfoot. “Given the uncertainty in global markets and supply chains our access to institutional solutions for gold management not only solves the trade-off between the security of physical gold and the liquidity of paper derivatives but solves the struggles of physical gold ownership in a turbulent post-COVID world. xbullion is also ideal to serve as a backend gold management solution, allowing fractional physical bullion to be seamlessly purchased and secured.”   

xbullion has received backing from strategic investors, including publicly listed blockchain technology firm DigitalX and financial services boutique Aura Group, as well as Australia’s oldest and most reputable bullion dealer Jaggards, a founding partner in the business.

The xbullion team and advisors bring a wealth of experience across precious metals, wealth management, auditing, investment banking, proprietary trading, ETFs and technology. This has enabled the creation of a competitive and secure technology solution.

The technology build-out of xbullion is complete and investors can now acquire xbullion digital GOLD.

xbullion has launched with exchange partner Zipmex. This includes an exclusive portal accessible at and across their exchange network, enabling trading in Singapore, Australia, Indonesia and now Thailand following a recently acquired license from the SEC. This lays the foundation for future integrations into exchanges and existing gold market solutions.

“xbullion is the smart way to securely own and trade physical gold bullion; it is vaulted, audited, insured, redeemable and instantly transferrable,” said Mr Lightfoot.

For more information, visit the xbullion website.


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